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Our Current Lot Inventory with links to photos/tours in BLUE.  We offer a trade in program, financing options, custom build, we also offer insurance. We are dedicated to providing high quality homes at affordable prices. Let us help you get into your forever home today!

Contact Our Office at 601-823-9765

After hour appts are available with deposit and application. 

Facetime viewings are available by appt.


Thank you for browsing our page #teamAAH

Tye Ferguson, Seth Ferguson or Dana Boyte  

Will gladly assist you with all your home buying needs! If we have more than one of a home, Our prices reflect the unfortunate price increases as the homes arrive to Our lot.


All homes are Marked down! 

current inventory



Homes in stock!

All our homes listed are ON THE LOT and READY to GO! 

Louisianna WIND ZONE 2 homes!

Contact us to find out which homes are Zone 2!

End of the year SALE!

All homes are marked down!

As little as 3,500.00 down 


700 or higher credit score 0% down

with CSL! 

 Our Trumh Single section homes by Clayton. 

Quality homes affordable living! 

  Trumh Delight 2/2 - 1 AVAILABLE 

  Was: 60,900 NOW: 54,900


  Trumh Elation 3/2 - 1 AVAILABLE

 Was: 66,900 NOW: 60,500 


  Trumh Glory 3/2 - 3 AVAIABLE  

 (1) Was: 67,900 NOW: 60,900 (2) Was: 72,900 NOW: 64,500                                                                                                                                                                                         

  Trumh Spectacular 3/2 -HOME HAS A DEPOSIT 

 Was: 75,900 NOW: 68,900 CUSTOMER FAVORITE!

  Trumh Grand 4/2 - 3 AVAILABLE  

  Was: 65,900 NOW: 54,900 SOLD 

  Was: 75,500 NOW: 64,900


  Our Homes by Jessup Housing - single section 

​ The Jackson by Jessup 3/2 SOLD 

 Was: 94,900 NOW: 82,500  This home can be ordered and customized!!!  CALL FOR QUOTE 

  The Lincoln 3/2 2 AVAILABLE both have SOLD

 Was: 85,900 NOW: 73,500 SOLD

 Was: 87,900 NOW: 75,500 SOLD  This home can be ordered and customized!!! CALL FOR QUOTE

  The Grant by Jessup 3/2 DEPOSIT

 Was: 94,900 NOW: 82,500 

  The Patton by Jessup 3/2 AVAILABLE home currently has a DEPOSIT   Was: 92,900 NOW: 81,500  

This home can be ordered and customized!!!  CALL FOR QUOTE


  Jessup Smart Value Home 3/2 SOLD  Home can be ordered! Call for quote.

 Was: 84,900 NOW: 73,900  This home can be ordered and customized!!!  CALL FOR QUOTE


Trumh Multi Section Homes 

  Trumh Marvel 4bd 2ba 28x60 AVAILABLE       vanity=107136461440208&set=a.110818551071999

 Was: 104,900 NOW: 89,900

  Trumh Wonder 4/2 Bonus den 28x72 1896 sq ft AVAILABLE

 Was: 116,900 NOW: 101,900

  Trumh Triumph 5/3, 28/76, 2001 sq ft - SOLD 

 Was: 126,900 NOW: 112,900   This home can be ordered and customized!!!  CALL FOR QUOTE


   Trumh Thrill 3/2 28x56   AVAIABLE


   Trumh Satisfaction 3/2 28x48 2 AVAILABLE

 Was: 97,900 NOW: 83,900  

 Was: 99,900 NOW: 84,900

  Eisenhower by Jessup 3bed/2bath 32x60 DEPOSIT

 Was: 130,900 NOW: 120,900

  The Washington by Jessup 4/2 32x64 AVAIABLE 

 Was:140,900 NOW: 121,500

  RESERVE 60 3/2 28x60 DEPOSIT

 Was:129,900 NOW: 115,900

 Was: 133,900 NOW: 119,900

  RESERVE 76 4/2 28x76 AVAIABLE

 Was: 149,900 NOW: 135,500


Champion Single section homes

We have several floor plans available in single section homes by Champion. That can be ordered and customized 6-to-8-week delivery. CALL FOR QUOTES 


Stunning with floated sheetrock throughout!

 Was:104,900 NOW: 94,900

 Champion Multi section Homes  

  The Cairo by Champion 4/2 bonus living area 28x76 AVAIABLE

  Was: 177,900 NOW: 159,900


  The Rio by Champion 4/2 32x68 AVAIABLE

 Was: 173,900 NOW: 155,000

  The Florence by Champion 3/2 bonus Den 28x60 Available

 Was: 149,900 NOW: 132,900

  The London by Champion 3/2 AVAILABLE 28x56

 Was: 144,900 NOW: 131,500



                                                  Posted prices are for LOT models ONLY

                      Due to Manufacturing price increases

                     ALL new home orders will have to be requoted

 Delivery (up to 50 mile radious)  FREE 

 set up to state regulations


 A/C unit, skirting

 1 free set of steps

 Small Mileage Fee anything over 50 miles!



                    Thank you for visiting our page! 

                                              All American Housing 

                                         For the All American Family 

                                            Brookhaven, M

                                                      Tye Ferguson, Seth Ferguson & Dana Boyte


6018239767 Fax

* Price includes delivery , set up, anchored, skirting, 1 set of temporary steps, central a/h, & 1 year factory warranty. 

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